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What is Clarum Sonum?
Clarum Sonum is a volunteer group of singers and musicians. We are dedicated to musical outreach and championing new works. Our organization is open to people from all walks of life, regardless of musical background, training, or economic status. Clarum Sonum's goal is to build an inclusive community through performance, collaboration, and musical outreach. 


Who is Clarum Sonum? 

Clarum Sonum is a choir community. As an organization, we support innovation in music by regularly commissioning and programming performances of new works by local composers. We collaborate with other arts organizations to enrich the musical landscape of local communities, and to enable new and larger musical projects that would be difficult for one group to undertake alone. Our members come from countless backgrounds and beliefs, musical and otherwise. We believe that our different identities, experiences, and stories make our community stronger and our music more beautiful and sincere.


How does Clarum Sonum create, work toward, and achieve their mission: 

-- We provide education and support to beginning singers and musicians, as well as a variety of challenges to seasoned artists. 

-- Members have an active role in choosing and preparing repertoire for its seasons, and are given opportunities to conduct, educate, accompany, and sing in a variety of capacities.

-- Members are given an active voice in the artistic direction of the ensemble, individually shaping the sound of the choir together.


We believe above all else that our choir community is a family. We strive to provide a safe, just, and inclusive environment where everyone can feel their voices are heard and their needs are addressed. 


Rehearsals take place most Sunday nights from 7:00pm to 9:30pm at Rad Theatricals in Berkeley Heights. They are open to anyone interested in participating regardless of skill level. Please follow us on social media for updates on the specifics of our current season!

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